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A few new things underway

RoutesVersion5smallIt’s March… My goodness. How did that happen. We must have been busy… We’ve recently been producing a website for an author friend of ours Ivan Robertson. He’s someone we’ve known for a while and who’s written work for us, including the low budget The Angelus, an Irish Film Board Short Short a few years ago. It toured on 50 prints around Ireland with Bruce Almighty, so quite well known to a few people. A spoof of Ireland’s Angelus on television, it’s even spawned a few spoofs itself.

Ivan is an author and we’re publishing with him a set of short stories entitled Routes 1&9. A collection of ten stories covering the distance between a roadside motel in Oregon, a gas station in Ohio, a dead man’s basement in Upstate New York, and the Harry Truman Museum. Some of the stories were first published in The Stinging Fly and Books Ireland.

We’re releasing the stories progressively, people can download the audiobook format, the PDFs or listen directly on the site. Heck, there’s even a podcast. Ivan writes a mean blog as well, an interesting twist on what a writer’s blog can be.

Anyway, hope you enjoy, please check it out. www.ivanrobertson.com

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