Mackie Onyx 1220 Mixing Desk

Selling my Mackie. It’s too big for me so looking for something smaller. It’s old at this stage but in perfect working order. Compatible with everything from Windows XP to Windows 10 which is what I use it on now.


Firewire Expansion Card (connect & record up to 14 instruments simultaneously on PC.),
Adjustable Height & Width stand,


Premium 12-channel small-format analog mixer with all-new circuitry
4 new ONYX mic preamps with sound comparable to boutique preamps
New 3-band Perkins EQ with sweepable mids
96K FireWire option for streaming 14 independent channels of audio to computer with zero latency input monitoring through mixer
2 channels of monitoring from computer via FireWire option card
2 Aux sends w/ Pre/Post switches
4 stereo line-level inputs
Built-in Talkback section for use with internal or external mic
True hardware EQ Bypass
“Planet-Earth” ± power supply
Individual 48v Phantom Power switches on all mic inputs
Linear taper 60mm faders with ultra-smooth response on all channels
Balanced direct outs for every channel via DB-25 connection
Selectable instrument inputs on first two DI box needed

RRP over €1,000 new.

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