Concussion Training for Teachers, Sports Managers, Coaches, Volunteers and Parents.

Carrick Education Centre in partnership with Leitrim Sports Partnership are running a concussion training course. As a teacher, sports coach, volunteer or parent your understanding of concussion is critical in firstly, identifying and managing a potential concussion safely and, secondly, helping students and athletes successfully recover from their injury upon their return to school and sport. Concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that carries serious health risks, which are exacerbated by incorrect concussion management steps.

 A concussion can occur during PE, playing a sports match, playing on the school yard, cycling to school, or even tripping and falling while playing with friends. In what can be a chaotic experience, knowing the appropriate concussion management steps can make all the difference. 

 Over the course of 75 minutes, Concussion Coach will deliver an interactive learning experience designed specifically for teachers and sports coaches, volunteers and parents:

 Concussion 101

Concussion identification

Breakdown of signs & symptoms

Debunking myths and misconceptions

 Injury Management

Managing the immediate injury (step by step process)

Concussion logging

 Recovery & Rehabilitation

Post-injury medical pathway advice for parents

Safe return to sport and school

Managing the recovery period in the classroom

 Creating a Culture of Concussion Safety

Improving concussion reporting rates among students/athletes

Individual teacher/coach preparation steps and preparing collectively as a school/club

  To register for this workshop, please go into the link below and the cost is €20 per person.

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