Leitrim council adopts motion asking for reconsideration of plans for asylum seekers in Ballinamore

Leitrim councillor Ita Reynolds says people in Ballinamore are not saying no to asylum seekers and are willing to take around 3% of the towns population which would work out at around 25 people.

The Fine Gael councillor made the comments yesterday at a meeting of Leitrim County Council where she said that people in Ballinamore would prefer to see families living in various houses around the area, rather than a large number being placed all together in an apartment complex as is being proposed by the government.

Members of the council unanimously backed a motion from Councillor Reynolds yesterday asking the Department of Justice to amend its plan to accomodate 130 asylum seekers at one location in Ballinamore.


There was some debate on the number of 140 mentioned in councillor Reynolds original motion with Sinn Fein councillor Brendan Barry describing it as a “stupid” one, a remark for which he later apologised.

Councillor Reynolds told Shannonside FM that people believe there’s a much better chance of proper integration with the community if the numbers of people placed in towns like Ballinamore are smaller.




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