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How to Develop a Creative Mindset.

Here is something absolutely beautiful for you this dark, wet evening. It’s a piece of music called ‘Come, Gentle Night’ by Polish composer Abel Korzeniowski, click HERE.  If you would ask me how to develop a creative mindset I would …

#MeToo Ophelia

The worst of the storm I think has passed, though don’t quote me. I wish I could say I’ve been using the time creatively but it’s been hard to settle to anything. Yesterday was eerily still and today was all waiting, and worry for lov…

This too shall pass

So it begins, our worst storm in fifty years, poised and ready to unleash its fury. News stations have no problem filling their schedules, feeding our puerile interest in natural disaster. Meteorologists and Weather forecasters, typically born to bloom unseen, take centre stage today. I brought the dog for a walk earlier amidst balmy sunshine […]

Too Much Emphasis on Sport in Schools

A dull still morning, no birdsong, no colour. Little S came in around dawn, not feeling well, flushed in the face. During the night we’d heard her talking in her sleep about points. They can earn, win, or lose points at school for different rewards […]


I woke to a morning of gold and rustling trees. With a surprising blue sky and bright sunlight. The birds are delighted and sing as brightly as if it were summer. But the garden is unmoved. It lies cool, flowers fading, under a mantle of […]

Repeal the 8th – My View & Why I Marched

In 1995 I was a young student living in a tiny flat-share in Dublin when I discovered I was pregnant. If I’d wanted an abortion there were people would have helped me make the necessary trip to England, but I didn’t want one. It was […]

Slow & Steady Wins The Race…

  Where to start. I can’t believe it’s the 29th of September already. The new school year is well under way and the honeymoon period of starting back after the summer holidays has well and truly passed. I find it incredible that in 2017 we […]

Penny Dreadful

I finally finished Penny Dreadful two nights ago and am bereft ever since. What an astonishing thing it is. I’ve never known anything quite like it, anywhere. You know I have a low tolerance for the gratuitous, and I’ve always said I can’t watch or […]

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