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What Rejection From the World’s Biggest Literacy Agency Feels Like…

Rejection 4 for my novel, received last night from Curtis Brown, one of the world’s leading literary agencies, is a great one…   ‘Dear Jane, Thank you for sending us Cailleach and for giving us the opportunity to consider your work. While we enjoyed reading […]

The fog is lifting from the scene and I am forced to go… Lovely Leitrim and the call of duty

  I set out to write this piece about a week ago but got completely side-tracked. One of the things that distracted me was getting glued to the twenty four hour news coverage of the most recent terror attack on the Borough Market in London.  In horrific moments such as these we cling to any […]

Love Letters Straight

It was a long weekend that revolved mostly around creativity, nature, family, and food. In other words, nothing new. And with just a weeks of school i.e. uninterrupted writing time, I’ll be the one hitting the books, my books. To be precise Book 2, a […]

May Round Up…

Making : Brunch for eight. Shaylyn’s college friends travelled down yesterday to sample Leitrim life. Going well I think. I’m making french toast. Cooking : Trout Meuniere for dinner. Trout fillets in burnt butter and almonds with lemon. Herby potatoes and broccoli on the side. […]

Thoughts After Ten Years of Marriage

For most of my life marriage, or children, weren’t part of my plan. By the time I met Adrian I had an 8 year old and was absolutely certain of it. He changed my mind the fecker. Ten years (May 25th) of good times, hard […]

Plain Jane Super Brain – A Post About Ageing

There’s nothing like visible signs of ageing to make you go aaarrgghhh, reflect. Not as much as anything health related obviously but it’s still pretty freaky to see your own disintegration. I’ll be 44 this year and have started to notice the signs. Folks I […]

Days of Magic

May 11th 2017 Another luminous day. The countryside is verdant, overflowing. Cascades of white flowering hawthorn, the swallows, returned, and the lilacs. All filling the air with ecstasy. The last of the trees leafed suddenly, like waves rolling inwards, glimmering, turning the light green. The […]

Easy Roast Hake with Chorizo, Potato, & Tomato, in Olive Pesto

  Speaking of hungry, when it comes to food I want high quality ingredients, simple recipes, strong fresh flavours, and ideally one pot. I also love a good rustic dish and this delicious recipe scores high on all points. Without further ado… You will need: […]

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