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Are You an Artist?

If you’re the kind of person who always sees and finds beauty, in small things and the natural world, then you’re probably an artist. Does that surprise you? I’d guess only on the surface of things. Because deep down you already know. One of the […]

Summer Days

    I apologise for being so absent of late. It’s entirely the fault of summer. My days seem mostly a blur of children and food. But we did take advantage of the recent heatwave at Rosses Point in Sligo. That was wonderful. Plus I’m […]

Lough Allen Hotel & Spa Break

We recently had the pleasure of spending two nights as guests of the Lough Allen Hotel & Spa in Drumshanbo, right here in lovely Leitrim. So close to home you could call it a staycation. Over the years I’ve held business events, launches, and meetings […]

The Domino Effect – What Jane Did Next

How’s this for a domino effect… Up until five years ago I hadn’t written creatively since school days, and I had never painted. I would buy art supplies and never use them. I would try to write something and know it was awful. What changed? […]

Feedback on My Novel… Even I Didn’t Imagine This…

‘Hi Jane – wow! It’s been quite a few versions since I’ve read this and it’s really polished… …more cohesive than earlier versions. I love it. Reminiscent of the Bronte’s and Daphne du Maurier I’d say. But it’s very much in the vein of du […]

Nothing But Good News & Blue Skies

Dear friends, here’s the latest… It’s been a while since my last blog post because I’ve been laser beam focused on finishing edits for my creativity book ahead of the school summer holidays which started yesterday. I have to be really disciplined because editing a […]

What Rejection From the World’s Biggest Literacy Agency Feels Like…

Rejection 4 for my novel, received last night from Curtis Brown, one of the world’s leading literary agencies, is a great one…   ‘Dear Jane, Thank you for sending us Cailleach and for giving us the opportunity to consider your work. While we enjoyed reading […]

The fog is lifting from the scene and I am forced to go… Lovely Leitrim and the call of duty

  I set out to write this piece about a week ago but got completely side-tracked. One of the things that distracted me was getting glued to the twenty four hour news coverage of the most recent terror attack on the Borough Market in London.  In horrific moments such as these we cling to any […]

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