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The Start of a Roadtrip

Who’s idea was this! At 2 am, on a very foggy Wednesday morning, we set off on our journey.  All packed into my trusty Ford…
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Essential Work/Life Gadgets

I work in IT and I’m a man so inevitably that means that I have and love many, many electronic gadgets. To make matters worse (or better depending on your point of view) I’m also a musician. Not any old musician but a musician who has recen…

New Website for the Number of Days Since Donald Trump Said Something Stupid

A new, fun little Christmas project I knocked up for the crack. Bored.com.. Live, Christmas 2017 – www.DaysSinceTrumpSaidSomethingStupid.com Advertisements Filed under: General, Recent Projects

AM Fitness On The Go

A new website and logo for well know Pilates instructor Ann Marie Murray, based in Dublin and South Leinster. Live December 2017 – www.am-fitness.ie. Advertisements Filed under: Recent Projects

Design Brief Worksheet Template

Using a properly thought out Design Spec can help you find better clients, clients with more money to spend and better, more interesting projects. Prompted by a regular stream of Reverb Studios clients over the years who weren’t quite sure what t…

I Missed The Mist!

Arigna | That view this morning! I missed this. How the mist lingers in the Arigna valley between us and the mountain. And the moon…
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A website redesign from a highly valued client, Teapot Lane, Sligo. The first official Irish Glamping site! Live October 2017 – www.GlampingIreland.ie Advertisements Filed under: Recent Projects

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