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Drino Drinks Ltd New Website

A website rebuild for Drino Drinks Ltd, Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim featuring a modern, responsive layout and an online ordering system with secure payments. Live March 2017 – www.DrinoDrinks.ie Filed under: Recent Projects

Beautiful lighting

You are going sick of me of hearing me say “Find The Light” Light is your friend Light does nice things, just watch! Beautiful even light coming from a window move in a little bit closer and dark background falls away move a little bit back, it changes the lighting …

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Match Night Live – virtual set (eir Sport)

‘s a quick look at my latest virtual studio set for eir Sport.
It’s for the match Night Live show (pre-game and post-game anaylis) for the 2017 Allianz Leagues (GAA) matches.

Digital Technology & Design Degree

I’ve just finished up my year long, part time and fully online BSc Design Degree run by the Digital Skills Academy in Dublin in conjunction with the Dublin Institute of Technology and wanted to write a few words about the experience and to largely recommend the course to others. I signed up for the course last … Continue reading Digital Technology & Design Degree

Website Design Online Trading Voucher Leitrim

The Online Trading Voucher scheme has been around for a few years now but I’ve been getting tons of emails about it and doing some jobs under it a lot recently for some reason. Here’s the layman’s guide to how it works if you’re not sure. As the name suggests you need to actually trade […]

Handpiece Harry

A new look and major E-commerce website for Dental Equipment specialists Handpiece Harry based in Co. Mayo. Live January 2017 – www.HandpieceHarry.ie Filed under: Recent Projects

How to keep your dog and cat calm during Fireworks season.

It’s New Years Eve and whilst many people are excitedly getting ready for parties and celebrations, some others are dreading the fireworks displays that will light the night skies worldwide. They aren’t killjoys, they just have pets who have adverse reactions to the loud noises from the fireworks. I have been helping people to keep […]

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