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Bealtaine Cottage…the Book!

  Finally…on the home run as they say, working on the cover of my long-awaiting book, “A Cottage and Three Acres”. There’s a few bits on the cover (shown below), to be tweaked, such as the colour of the text and white stitching around the photo on the front (this is it laid out flat!)…but […]

Homemade Bread and Book Update

As promised, here’s the recipe for my easy to make/bake and life-sustaining bread… For this recipe you’ll need a heavy cast iron saucepan and lid. I use a Le Creuset one, but any cast iron one is good! I use the cup method of measurement since my daughter Cara bought me some stainless steel measuring […]

Trump and The Power of One

As many of you know, I am in the final stages of completing my first manuscript and so have been busy since early December in preparing this book for the printers in Dublin…no tax-dodging Amazon corporation for me! That’s not how I roll! As I began this final incubation, I  was reluctant to venture into […]

A Time of Hope

Originally posted on Bealtaine Cottage ~ Home of Goddess Permaculture and Earth Healing:
Imbolc is the day that we celebrate the passing of Winter and the return of Spring. Imbolc marks the seasonal change, where the first signs of Spring and the return of the sun are noted. A festival of light, to celebrate the return…

Easiest Ever Compost

Originally posted on Bealtaine Cottage ~ Home of Goddess Permaculture and Earth Healing:
Compost is made in two ways here at Bealtaine Cottage. The first is what most people would imagine is the only way…certainly the one favoured in all the gardening books…where everything is kept neat and stacked and covered and turned and generally fiddled…

Happy New Year from Bealtaine Cottage

        Seed from the sacred Rowan at Bealtaine Cottage now available.  The ancient peoples of Ireland considered their Earth to be sacred and experienced the natural world as Divine…many lessons to be learned from our ancestors of these islands of Britain. Mother Earth had a womb…that which lies beneath our feet…and […]

Food in the Midwinter Garden

It’s surprising just how much food is growing in the gardens of Bealtaine at this time of year, the time of scarcity…but far from it! There’s the makings of a decent salad, with Fennel, Japanese salads like Mizuna and others as well as a lovely edible garnish in the form of Pansy flowers. In other […]

Lifting the Spirits

Originally posted on Bealtaine Cottage ~ Home of Goddess Permaculture and Earth Healing:
Midwinter is over. For many the celebration of Christmas has begun. Last minute frenetic shopping today and tomorrow… The days here at Bealtaine are beginning to lengthen. Not tangible as yet, but optimism for more daylight has taken hold and sometimes that is…

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