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Gas to be available for Center Parcs in 2018

center-parcs-road-an-2017The head of Center Parcs is hopeful that a supply of gas to their Longford Forest project will be available by this time next year. Last weekend the government confirmed it had signed a deal to provide a natural-gas pipeline from Athlone to Ballymahon to serve the Center Parcs site as well as the town […]

John Sisk signs contract to build key Center Parcs’ Longford Forest buildings

Center ParcsConstruction of 500 buildings at Center Parcs Longford Forest will begin in early January after the company signed an official contract with John Sisk this afternoon. The Irish building firm had previously been announced as the preferred contractor for the development of the central complex of buildings at the €233million holiday resort which is due […]

Ballymahon traders demand prompt delivery of gas pipeline

The official announcement of the gas pipeline coming from Athlone to Ballymahon was made in Ballymahon library on Saturday (Photo: Google Maps)The head of Ballymahon’s Traders’ Association is hopeful there will be no delay to the development of a gas pipeline from Athlone to the south Longford town. Minister for the Environment Denis Naughten confirmed on Saturday afternoon that a deal has been agreed with Gas Networks Ireland to supply gas to the Center Parcs project […]

£36m already spent on Center Parcs development

center-parcs-road-an-2017Center Parcs has spent an estimated £36 million on its Longford Forest project in just 25 weeks this year. The UK company held the fourth of its community forum meetings last night in Ballymahon as work continues on its site at Newcastle Wood. The base platforms for 200 lodges are almost complete while the finishing […]

Center Parcs boss reveals plan to bring UK tourists to Longford

center-parcs-road-an-2017The head of Center Parcs has revealed the company is looking to create package deals with travel providers in a bid to attract UK tourists to their Longford Forest project. The £233 million development is scheduled to open in the summer of 2019 and the contracts for several key aspects to the project have recently […]

John Sisk named as preferred bidder for Center Parcs Longford Forest buildings

John SiskCenter Parcs management has revealed that John Sisk and Son is the preferred contractor to construct the main buildings at their Longford Forest project in Newcastle Woods. Earlier this month the UK company confirmed that Sisk was the preferred bidder to build the accommodation lodges at the Ballymahon facility. This afternoon a statement from the […]

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