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What is a House?

What is a house? To me a house is a place of unparalleled freedom. I’m lucky I’ve felt this about every space I’ve ever lived in. From renting and sharing to owning, with debt of course. Fuck it. Keep moving. They can’t tell you how […]

I Regret Baptising My Children

Monday May 8th 2017 This weekend we had first communion which is ironic because when it comes to religion my view can be summed up by saying that as a woman in particular I feel it’s my duty to have nothing to do with any church. […]

The One Thing I Know is True…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that there’s no such thing as being ready. You don’t need to be younger or older, you don’t need better conditions, permission, or for your children to be older either. You don’t need more time, space, happiness, or […]

Hello the House – A New Era – A New Settlement

Tuesday May 2nd After the cold of the past weeks May arrived in hot sunshine and we celebrated Bealtaine fittingly enough with a bonfire in what I’m calling the new settlement or commune. My brother, his wife and their baby are moving in beside us, […]

I’m More of a Weather Front Than a Woman

  April 26th (a few days late posting) ‘April is the cruelest month,’ so said T.S. Eliot, that first line has been stuck in my head for days. ‘April is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring […]

Sex in the Garden (And Other Good Things About Country Living)

The truth is if money was no object and the children would let me, I would probably choose to live in Dublin, ideally in the centre, or by the sea. Or else in Sligo, also by the sea. In general I find cities more stimulating, more […]

Easy Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Hello, hello. If you follow me on FB you already know I received a positive email response from a literary agent yesterday. After the initial shock, I was not expecting to hear back so soon i.e. a few hours after sending my proposal, plus I’d […]

What Drives Me As A Writer…

What drives me as a writer is ambition, and an inner force. My ambition is to realise whatever writing potential I have, to one day be the best writer it’s possible for me to be, and in the meantime to do everything in my power […]

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