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Funding for reinstatement of bridge over River Inny at Newcastle Wood

newcastle-woods-2017Funding of €100,000 has been secured for a key pedestrian bridge across the River Inny at Ballymahon.   The White Bridge had been in place until the late 1950’s across the river and provided an important link for people in the area, but it was dismantled in the 1950’s.   It’s now proposed to reinstate […]

‘Boxer’ defends rise in compulsory-retirement age

elderlyThe OPW Minister has denied the government is ‘slave driving’ public servants to work until they are 70 under new pension rules. The compulsory retirement age is set to rise from its current limit of 65 to 70 over the course of several years under new plans drawn up by the government. Currently, up to 5,000 […]

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