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Trump and The Power of One

As many of you know, I am in the final stages of completing my first manuscript and so have been busy since early December in preparing this book for the printers in Dublin…no tax-dodging Amazon corporation for me! That’s not how I roll! As I began this final incubation, I  was reluctant to venture into […]

Keep your face toward the sunshine

Let me introduce you to a young boy. His name is Thomas and he is naturally bright, savvy and streetwise. He is not afraid of hard work or long hours and is innovative and enterprising. His story is very relative to what we see happening in America today. Thomas family fled their native country and […]

Where the wandering water gushes

The morning frost heralded the low January Sun to bathe its light on the neat patchwork of fields around Coolera, County Sligo. As we climbed the ancient hill of Knocknarea, Yeats words came floating over the shrill air; “The wind has bundled up the clouds high over Knocknarea, And thrown the thunder on the stones […]

How to keep your dog and cat calm during Fireworks season.

It’s New Years Eve and whilst many people are excitedly getting ready for parties and celebrations, some others are dreading the fireworks displays that will light the night skies worldwide. They aren’t killjoys, they just have pets who have adverse reactions to the loud noises from the fireworks. I have been helping people to keep […]

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Pet loss – an often hidden grief.

  Is pet loss a hidden grief? Navigating the grief of losing a pet is hard enough, but feeling that you have to hide that grief, because others don’t understand it, just adds the the pain. The sense of loss of the unconditional love, of the deep companionship, of that lifelong friendship can be shockingly […]

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Your attitude can help your pet to heal

When our pets are unwell the last thing we tend to think about is ourselves. We’re usually 100% focused on getting them back to better health. That makes perfect sense, as their health is our priority. Yet, we often miss out an important element of their healing process when we do that, us. Our attitude and our […]

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When you can’t bear the thought of losing your pet (anticipatory pet bereavement)

“I just can’t imagine them not being here.” A client said this to me last week about her cat who had just started an end of life care plan (the cat has cancer). She couldn’t face the idea of her sweet cat not being with her forever. That thought was really upsetting to her, so […]

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Aleppo- a broken city preserved in memory

My memories of Aleppo are beginning to fade. It is now eleven years since I was there. I have kept many notes of my travels but somehow those on Aleppo are either lost or perhaps they never existed. It is almost irrelevant now as the city I saw no longer exists save for in old […]

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